Founders Café: The Things My Family Told Me @ Venn Centre Tickets
Sep 18 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Founders Café: The Things My Family Told Me

The moment you decided to become an entrepreneur and launch your own startup, you probably received a lot of (**unwanted) feedback from your loved ones. They undoubtedly had a lot of opinions, and weren’t afraid to share them with you. Same thing happened with our guest speakers, and they’re not scared to share some of the comments they had to endure with you either.

Join us on September 18th for the next edition of the Founders Café here at Venn Innovation.

  Vera Gervais

Vera calls herself a thinker, writer, travel-aholic and rebel. Others know her as a mother, a wife and a successful serial entrepreneur. She claims to hold a Bachelors Degree in Doubting herself and a Masters in Mistakes. She is currently working on a PhD in Daring Leadership. Some people think she asks too many questions. She says she’s simply driven by curiosity, creativity, and a driving need to keep learning and growing. That drive has resulted in not only founding a highly successful company in the health industry but also in writing a novel and taking up keynote speaking as a 4th – or maybe 5th – career.

  Norbert Demps

Norbert is a pragmatic optimist with a soft spot for passionate entrepreneurs who are thinking outside the box. Founder of an innovative and successful software house in Germany, his home country, he has the ability to find solutions for any technical issue that leaves others scratching their heads. His outspokenness and good sense of humour certainly helped him announce to his family that he was leaving his secure job as an engineer to follow his own path… Didn’t it?