Social Selling Reinvented @ Venn Centre Tickets
May 29 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

The rise of Social Media has had a significant impact on the professions of Sales and Marketing.

Over the last few years we have seen organizations take advantage of Social Media
to increase their brand and sales, but for others Social Media has damaged their reputation and caused their businesses great harm.  In this presentation we will explore the power of Social Media and how you can leverage it to help you to grow your business.

There will be a Q&A at the end of the presentation.

About the presenter:

Paul Watts spent 17 years working with great companies, excelling in the fields of new business development and lead generation.  Being able to take on sales coaching roles within these organizations put him in a position to start his own company, Base Over Apex.  Base Over Apex has a mission to change the perceived negative image of salespeople through professional sales training and coaching, making sales a profession of which to be proud.


La vente réinventée sur les médias sociaux

L’avènement des médias sociaux a eu un grand effet sur les professions de la vente et du marketing.

Au cours des dernières années, des organismes ont profité des médias sociaux pour renforcer leur image de marque et pour accroître leurs ventes, mais pour d’autres ils ont causé des torts à des entreprises et ont terni leurs réputations. Dans le cadre de cette présentation, nous allons explorer le pouvoir des médias sociaux et les façons dont vous pouvez les mettre à profit afin de faire croître votre entreprise.

Il y aura une séance de questions à la fin de la présentation.

À propos du présentateur :

Paul Watts a travaillé avec d’excellentes entreprises et il excelle dans les domaines de nouveau développement d’entreprise et de génération de clients potentiels. Grâce à ses rôles de formateur au sein de ces organismes, il a pu commencer sa propre entreprise, Base Over Apex. Elle a pour objectif de changer la perception négative des vendeurs en offrant des formations et de l’encadrement et en faisant sorte que la vente soit une industrie dont nous pouvions être fiers.

Moncton Lazaridis Scale-Up Tour 2018 @ Venn Centre Tickets
Jun 7 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Lazaridis Institute introduces

Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

What is the secret to Amazon’s success? What do Facebook, Google and Airbnb have in common? Contrary to what you’ve read, it’s not superhuman founders, mythic “passion”, or spectacularly savvy venture capitalists. It’s Blitzscaling.

The Lazaridis Institute invites you to a presentation by Chris Yeh on specific practices to ignite and manage hypergrowth. Our goal is to collaborate with tech ecosystems across Canada to develop the strategies, tactics and expertise necessary to take startups to globally competitive scale. Join us after the presentation to eat, drink, and connect with the founders, CEOs, investors, policy makers and support organizations working to grow your local tech community.

Applications for cohort three of the Scale-Up Program will be open from May 22 – July 27.


The Lazaridis Scale-Up Program is designed to help Canada’s most promising growth-stage tech companies build their businesses to globally competitive size. The program addresses constraints to growth with a customized approach, heavily oriented toward execution. Our facilitators represent some of the world’s most influential and innovative companies, from Shopify and Survey Monkey to Oracle. They bring their knowledge and experience to bear in intensive two-day workshops focusing on the challenges our cohort companies are facing in real time. Our mentors share their expertise and their networks with the cohort companies, providing guidance and connections over the course of the year on a just-in-time basis. The men and women in the program come from a broad range of backgrounds, sectors and geographies–and they make some of their most valuable connections with each other. Before the Scale-Up Program year is finished, companies see significant changes and measurable progress. They have prepared for or received their next round of funding and are on the path to global market success.


Chris writes about a broad range of topics, with a special focus on entrepreneurship and startups. He is the co-author, along with friends Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, of the New York Times best-seller, “The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age.” His work has appeared in publications such as Harvard Business Review and TechCrunch.

Yeh is a General Partner at Wasabi Ventures Global, which brings the startup and scaleup lessons of Silicon Valley to other ecosystems around the world. He is also a General Partner at the Women’s Startup Lab Fund, helping great women entrepreneurs change the world.

He earned two Bachelor’s degrees with distinction from Standford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar.

The Cloud is on the Horizon: 10 Key Software Licensing Terms @ Venn Centre Tickets
Jun 13 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
The Cloud is on the Horizon: 10 Key Software Licensing Terms @ Venn Centre | Moncton | New Brunswick | Canada

Most businesses will use software as a tool to grow their business, either as a user or as a provider, and increasingly using cloud-based technologies. Whether in the cloud or not, that means entering into a software licensing agreement. Join McInnes Cooper Start-up Lawyer  Robb Baird as he outlines ten of the key terms to make clear in every software licensing agreement.


Robb Baird practices business and technology law, focusing on high growth-potential start-ups, at McInnes Cooper. Drawing on his private sector experience in a R&D start-up and an international natural resources company, Robb advises clients on matters ranging from general corporate matters to traditional financing and venture capital investments, cloud-based agreements and international trade law matters.


Le nuage informatique : 10 termes clés de licence d’utilisation de logiciels


La plupart des entreprises se servent des logiciels pour faire croître leurs activités soit en tant qu’utilisateur soit en tant que fournisseur, et les technologies sont de plus en plus infonuagiques. Que ce soit dans le nuage ou non, il s’agit d’un contrat de licence d’utilisation du logiciel. Venez vous joindre à Robb Baird, avocat de McInnes Cooper pour les entreprises en démarrage, le 24 mai à Venn Innovation où il éclaircira 10 termes clés liés aux contrats de licence d’utilisation du logiciel.

Robb Baird pratique le droit des affaires et des technologies à McInnes Cooper, et il se concentre sur les entreprises en démarrage ayant un fort potentiel de croissance. S’appuyant sur ses expériences avec une entreprise en démarrage de R et D et une société internationale de ressources naturelles, Robb offre aux clients des conseils sur des questions d’affaires généraux, de financement traditionnel, d’investissements de capital-risque, de contrats de licence d’utilisation de logiciels infonuagiques et de droit commercial international.