Moncton Artificial Intelligence and DataScience Meetup @ Missing Link Technologies Tickets
May 30 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Moncton Artificial Intelligence and DataScience Meetup @ Missing Link Technologies

Join MLT to discuss and share experience about the latest trends and technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and other Data Science related fields.


Meetup Agenda:

– Olga Kniga, Tess Technologies Managing Partner will talk about implementation of classical statistical methods of data analysis as well as recent techniques and algorithms to answer very specific business questions, such as what factors affect the success of a product/service in a particular city with certain characteristics of its infrastructure, competitive environment, economy and demography.

– Andre LeBlanc, Ditech Testing Executive Vice President will discuss how combining of narrow AI and deep learning can help in building of the next generation of applicable tools. In early 2000s, he created his own rule based form of RPA that could eliminate most type of data entry staff within organizations. After rising in the manufacturing sector in executive management, he still uses the tool created in the organization as it automates hundreds of thousands of transactions and millions of keystrokes per year. RPA has since grown exponentially worldwide as a useful tool in corporations to automate data entry.

*NOTE: Due to space limitation please make sure to RSVP. In the event that you have confirmed your spot and can not make to the event, please cancel your RSVP so we can offer the spot to someone on the waiting list.